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Shar’s Hints & Tips for your Legal Requirements

Deciding to get married is a very important step in your life.  Remember, marriage is a legal state.

  • Are you old enough?  If you are both over 18 it is very straightforward.
  • What are the official requirements?  Celebrant will provide a “Notice of Intended Marriage” which is required to be completed at least 1 month prior to your Wedding and can be completed up to 18 months before.
  • What documents do you need to provide? Birth Certificate/Passport plus photo ID.  Other documentation is required if either party has been married before?
  • Changing your name – this custom is still popular but no longer a legal requirement of marriage.  If you choose to take your Spouse’s surname you will require your Official Marriage Certificate, provided by Births, Deaths & Marriages, in order to change your surname on Driver’s Licence etc.
  • Taxation after marriage.  Taxation may change after you are married – suggest you contact the Australian Tax Office, a tax agent or your accountant to evaluate your circumstances.
  • How will marriage affect my Will?  Any Will made previous to your marriage does not generally apply – suggest you seek professional advice from your solicitor.
  • Will marriage affect my health and welfare benefits?  If you receive any of these benefits, you must advise various agencies if you marry.
  • Have you thought about Pre-Marriage Counselling?  Real life knowledge of marriage is available in programs run by trained marriage educators.  Courses can be practical, fun, and do not push a particular moral or religious view.  Courses teach attitudes and skills which enrich family life and enhance successful marriages.   Counsellors will not tell you what to do – they help you to find the best way to resolve any difficulty together.  Areas explored can include Personality Differences, Lifestyle Expectations, Communication Styles, Problem Solving, Friends and Interests, Family Backgrounds, Sexuality Issues, Beliefs about Parenting, Money and Spirituality.  Celebrant can give you details for local agencies.


Relax and enjoy the journey