Shar Logan Naming Ceremonies in Mackay

Looking for a Naming Ceremony in Mackay?

Shar Logan Celebrant Mackay

If you are looking for a Celebrant to do a Naming Ceremony in Mackay, then you are in the right place.  Shar Logan is the experienced Celebrant for your naming ceremony. With over 16 years experience and many happy customers, Shar is focused on making your special day one to be remembered.

Most important gift

One of the most important gifts that you can give your child is their name.  It is something they keep forever and it can dictate success in one's life.

How proud you must be on the birth of your precious child. I would consider it an honour to be invited to help celebrate your baby’s Naming Ceremony.

Shar Logan Celebrant - Naming Ceremonies

Feel valued and special

You’ll be amazed at how professional, relaxed and memorable your ceremony will be. All who attend will feel very valued and special.

Shar Logan Celebrant Mackay

"It would be unfortunate if I am already booked on your special day of choice, so please do not delay".

Welcome your baby

In the life of each new child, all the hopes and aspirations of mankind are renewed. Imagine your family and very special friends all gathering, at home or a venue of your choice, to welcome your baby.


Their very presence is an indication that they may assist in coming years in giving your child a broad and balanced view of life generally, and to encourage those virtues we all regard as important – honesty, integrity, fairness and compassion.  

They may also have special wishes or blessings to impart to your new family member.

Shar Logan Celebrant - Naming Ceremonies

The ceremony

Your Naming Ceremony will not be like any other you have been to. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that your ceremony has been written especially for you, with your input.

In the lead-up to the Ceremony, I love to have some time with you to gather information, about your baby and other special people who may be attending, which will ensure we feel comfortable and relaxed with each other on the day.

Shar Logan Celebrant - Naming Cermonies

A special gift

I understand that as a parent you are making sacrifices everyday and to that end I have a gift for you as a wonderful lasting memory.   And yes, you need to wait for the day for it to be revealed!